At The Dental Practice, we recommend using fluoride containing toothpastes as part of the oral hygiene care routine. We have a selection of toothpastes available that are recommended upon individual dental needs. Your Hygienist can advise you of this at your preventative care appointment. Use this when brushing twice a day either with a manual or electric toothbrush. At night, the use of a fluoride toothpaste helps build stronger enamel and reduces the potential for sensitivity.

Patients experiencing sensitivity and erosion problems are recommended to use a fluoride Toothmousse™. Most patients find application of the Toothmousse™ a very easy adaptable inclusion into their oral hygiene care regime, and there are a variety of flavours that to suit individual tastes.

It is important to discuss this with your Hygienist before including this in your oral hygiene routine as they will best explain it's use, frequency and if it is suitable for your needs. Please tell your hygienist if you have any milk protein allergies when discussing this product.

Tooth Mousse